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Codes of Ankh - Shu
SHU Code of Ankh - Ivonne Delaflor
Shu code of Ankh
SHU Ankh by Ankara Akeru

The Shu Ankh is 11" Tall x 6" Wide

Buy Now to Own this One-of-a-Kind Ankh and Framed Code of Ankh


What You Will Receive in this Package:

  • A one-of-a-kind, custom printed Code of Ankh, suitable for framing. Printed on semi-gloss paper with archival ink. Your code will be signed by its creator, Ivonne Delaflor, along with the 1/1 marking to show it is one of a kind.
  • Full resolution file of your Code of Ankh, emailed to you with full license to use as you like personally or professionally.
  • Certificate of Authenticity of your Code of Ankh.
  • A one-of-a-kind, custom Ankh by Ankh Master Craftsman, Ankhara Akeru.
  • Certificate of Authenticity of your Ankh.
  • PDF digital instructions on how to use your Ankh and Code of Ankh 
  • 1- 30 minutes private phone session with Ivonne Delaflor
  • 1- 30 minutes private phone session with Ankhara Akeru 
  • Shipping and Handeling is included in the price  

How to Secure your 1 of 1 original Ankh and Code of Ankh

  • Secure Your Ankh and Code of Ankh by clicking on the "Buy it Now" button below and completing your payment.
  • Allow up to 2-4 weeks for shipment.
  • After receiving your Ankh and Code, you will be sent a link to schedule your 1-1 session with Ankhara and your 1-1 session with Ivonne.  

Shipping & Handling: Shipping and Handling is included in the price. Your Original 1-of-1 Code of Ankh is printed on semi-gloss paper with archival ink. Your print will be shipped to you in within 2-4 weeks.

Shu Ankh & Code of Ankh  

Sacred Air, Breath of God  

One of One Available


About this Shu Code:  

The sacred air; Breath of God Code of Ankh was created to inspire, uplift, and bring deeper inner peace to any environment and spiritual practitioner. It reminds us of the sacredness of having a human experience embodied in a human form and activates and reawakens the memory of heaven and earth residing within our souls. “Shu,” (Air) was considered for the Egyptians to be a cooling, and thus calming, influence, and pacifier. Shu was depicted as the dry air/atmosphere between the earth and sky he was also known as the wind.  

The Greeks associated Shu with Atlas, the primordial Titan who held up the celestial spheres, as they are both depicted holding up the sky. According to the Heliopolitan cosmology, Shu and Tefnut, the first pair of cosmic elements, created the sky goddess, Nut, and the earth god, Geb. Shu separated Nut from Geb as they were in the act of love, creating duality in the manifest world: above and below, light and dark, good and evil.  

Prior to their separation, Nut had given birth to the gods Isis, Osiris, Nephthys (Horus) and Set. The Egyptians believed that if Shu did not hold Nut (sky) and Geb (earth) apart there would be no way for physically-manifest life to exist.

Shu is mostly represented as a man. He carries an ankh, the symbol of life.”

~ Ivonne Delaflor 

Learn About The God Shu

About this Shu Ankh:  

The Ankh of Shu is the geometric evocation of the living breath. It reminds us that between each breath there is a pause and emptiness that fills the space. Shu is the essence of air, a cosmic element created by the sky Goddess Nut and the Earth God Geb. Shu is a keeper of the Ankh, the sacred symbol of life.

~ Ankhara Akeru

Components of the Shu Code of Ankh: 

AMETHYST - 3rd Eye Amethyst is the perfect stone for any spiritual seekers, as it is the stone of spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. It purifies and protects by placing a shield around the physical body and the energy field. It is said that it enhances mental acuity and focus.  

AGATE - All Chakras Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.  

APOPHOLITE - 3rd Eye Harnessing the power of ancient molten lava streams, apophyllite brings high vibrations of light that are known to soothe feelings of anxiety, fear, and worry. This powerful but gentle healing crystal is a must-have for your gem collection because it helps to calm an anxious mind in times of stress. By working to absorb negative thought patterns, apophyllite rocks when it comes to sorting out problems in a more productive way.  

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN - Root Chakra A stone of purity, Snowflake Obsidian brings about a balance to body, mind and spirit. Snowflake Obsidian helps to keep centered and focused when any type of chaotic situation (office, commute, home, etc.) presents itself. Snowflake Obsidian can remove negativity from a space or person with ease.  

Volcanic in origin, Snowflake Obsidian helps to draw emotions to the surface and to examine harmful thought patterns. A good choice for past life work, Snowflake Obsidian heals old karmic patterns and helps in examining harmful thought patterns. Snowflake Obsidian promotes a sense of calm and inner centering which readies one for a deep meditative state.  

AURALITE 23 - Upper Chakras Each mineral/element present in this mega healing stone plays a useful function, together which unite to give us the unlimited benefits of the Auralite 23 crystal today.  

Auralite23 Gemstone Titanite, Pyrite, Limonite, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Sphalerite, Gialite, Pyrolusite, Covelite, Gold, Copper, Bornite, Rutile, Epidote, Nickel, Magnetite, Ajoite, Hematite, Chalcopyrite, Silver, Lepidocrosite, Platinum, and Iron.

Due to the vast array of elements and minerals present inside this crystal, Auralite 23 functions as a bridge towards the divine. It may be referred to as a crystal that possesses an open gateway towards the Angelic Realms.  

The stone works as a simple means of connecting you with the guides as well as the Angels. This in turns works to instill calmness into one’s life, something that perhaps was never felt before in the past.  

RARE EARTH MAGNETS - All Chakras Rare Earth magnets are the most powerful magnets on Earth and are excellent tools for manifestation and attracting what you want to call in and repelling what does not serve you  

AMMONITE - Root Chakra The Ammonite is a very powerful earth healing fossil. Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force (Chi) within.  

Ammonites are often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies. The Ammonite is also often recommended to put in the home to attract health, prosperity and success.  

The Ammonite draws off all negative energies. Think of the Ammonite spirals as a filter, drawing in these dense energies which are no longer needed, moving them through the spirals and releasing them as fresh, positive, loving life force energies.  

COPPER - 3rd Eye Copper is a popular tool for healing and works with all of the chakras to pull in energies from higher realms into the physical world. In healing, copper works to bring those higher energies into every cell for the remembering of the original state of perfection. Copper supports the tissues and red blood cells. It is commonly known that copper has been used in bracelets to help those with arthritis.  

Copper is helpful for balance, communication, and synchronicity. Copper is a great conductor of energy and is useful for all types of spiritual purposes. Many use copper to balance the chakras and meridians. Connecting with the crystals, copper can smoothly transmit their energies to the holder, communicating knowledge from higher realms to the conscious and subconscious mind.

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