One-of-a-Kind Codes of AH Paired with Hand-Crafted Ankh

The Ankh Symbol Known as the Key of Life, the Ankh Symbol takes the shape of a cross with a loop on top, resembling a key. In the ancient language of Egyptians, the ‘ankh’ meant ‘life.’ It is considered one of the earliest hieroglyphic symbols from ancient Egypt - the modern country name of the land of Kemet.  

It is said that the loop on the ankh symbolized the feminine or the womb, while the cross symbolized the masculine. When the two are put together, life is formed.  

Many believe that the Ankh is also a symbol for water and air, which are life-giving elements. Because of this, many water vessels were formed in the shape of an Ankh.  

Many early Kemetic artworks depict this sacred symbol being worn or held by deities and royalty.  

Used as an amulet, the Ankh was believed to be able to grant the wearer a long life and health. Ancient Kemetic peoples even put Ankhs in tombs to give energy to the resurrected spirit. It is said that the symbol can even carry on its power to anyone within a certain proximity to it.  

As such, it is believed to be a conduit for life or power that stems from the universe. The Ankh was also used as strong protection against evil, decay, and degeneration.

The Codes of AH Ivonne Delaflor has worked with Sacred Geometry since the age of 4. She has received downloads of these images since a young age, and now she uses the technology of computer programs and Tesla coil machines. Each code is unique and encorporates words, colors, intentions, numerology, etc. to manifest as a sacred geometrical pattern. The code size, color, and shape are unique for each sacred code. 

Some students who have already worked with Codes of AH© (Absolute Harmony) and who also have the awareness on how to use them appropriately, have been able to feel the subtleness and power of the energy transmitted through the codes.  

It's important to understand that the Codes of AH© are tools and sacred geometry art and that the power of transformation for people resides IN THE PEOPLE and not in the art or Sacred Geometry. The Codes of AH© are made and copyrighted by Ivonne Delaflor of Delaflor Teachings International. Each Code is encrypted with specific imagery, intentions, wording, numerology, prayers, specific desires, colors, chanting and meditation.

In cooperation with Ankhara Akeru and the Ankhs Ivonne has developed the Special Edition Codes of Ankh©.


Code of Ankh - Ivonne Delaflor
Ra Ankh - Ankhara Akeru




ISIS - Inner Temple of Isis, Universal Woumb Awakening. Special Edition 1 of 1

Kebechet Code of Ankh - Ivonne Delaflor
KEBECHET Ankh by Ankhara Akeru



KEBECHET - Purifying Water, Elevated Emotional Power. Special Edition 1 of 1 

Sekhmet Code of Ankh - Ivonne Delaflor
SEKMET Ankh by Ankhara Akeru



SEKHMET - Emergence of The Inner Goddess, Facilitating Grace, Harmony and Divine Union. Special Edition 1 of 1 


Hathor Code of Ankh - Ivonne Delaflor
HATHOR Ankh by Ankhara Akeru



HATHOR - The One Love. Special Edition 1 of 1 


Code of Ankh Ra - Ivonne Delaflor
RA Ankh - Ankhara Akeru



RA - The New Golden Era of Augmented Light Field of Love. Special Edition 1 of 1 

SHU Code of Ankh - Ivonne Delaflor
SHU Ankh by Ankara Akeru



SHU - Sacred Air, Breath of God. Special Edition 1 of 1

Geb Code of Ankh - Ivonne Delaflor
GEB Ankh - Ankhara Akeru



GEB - Earth Embodiment and Respect Special Edition 1 of 1  


Ivonne Delaflor is known to be one of the predecessors of the innovation in Leadership and Personal Transformation. Renown internationally as Spiritual Master, Author, Musician, Artist, Producer and Life Coach using the methodology called Total Awareness Coaching.™ She is one of the 4 people worldwide, authorized to train others in the German System called FUTURING™, which helps corporations, entrepreneurs, executives, couples, parents and individuals design FUTURES of productive, brilliant and successful life. She is the creator of the Transcendental Rebirthing System™, through which she has helped over 6,000 people rebirth. The Transcendental Rebirthing System™ helps each individual take full control over his or her life, heal the past, update their present and design their future with complete confidence, stability, internal peace and personal power, by applying this systemic, sustainable and transcendental practice. She uses her Faith in God and Humanity as her fuel to keep serving, helping, creating and growing.

Ivonne Delaflor
Ankhara Akeru

Ankhara Akeru is an Ankh alkemist and copper pyramid builder who is rooted in the stars. His work combines cutting edge scientific research in crystalography, electromagnetic and ion fields with ancient healing modalities such as crystal grids, copper structures, and sound technologies. He is a certified Kemetic Reiki Master, and certified Theta Facilitator. Ankhara is currently developing tools called Ancient Future Technologies, inside of a copper pyramid chamber. He builds customized Crystal Synergy Ankhs whose energy he downloads from the 7th Plane. He utilizes crystal grids, sound frequencies, prayer, and sacred symbols to raise vitality levels and amplify bioresonance through the synergism maintained in the process. His techniques encode and activate DNA restructuring which is vital for physical spiritual well-being. His presentations and interactive workshops cover the synergistic effects of crystals, copper, and magnets, and the utilization of Ancient Future Technologies to achieve optimum vitality for people and plants. 

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